Jamie Ingram

About Me

Hey there, I'm Jamie

I'm a Software Developer, with a passion for open source, code quality, technology - and most importantly - learning.

Previously I was heavily involved in the student hackathon community, and organised AstonHack 2016 and 2018.

Technologies I Have Experience With

Featured Projects

Leitner: Leitner is a flash-card web-app created using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js) and Typescript. It is based off of the Leitner System of spaced repetition learning.

Unit Convertor App: A mobile app built for Android - using React Native - used to convert between various units for both mass and volume. The apk is available for download here.

CI Travelling Salesman: A collection of different computational intelligence algorithms being used to solve the travelling salesman problem.

Word Guesser: A game written in Java, inspired by Fallout's hacking minigame. This desktop application provides the user with 10 words (either real words, or a randomly generated string of letters), and one of these words is chosen by the program as the correct word. The user has 4 guesses to find the correct word; with each guess the user is given the Hamming distance of the chosen word vs the 'correct' word.

Maze Generation: An npm package used to procedurally generate mazes.

Ratoban: A small puzzle game inspired by Sokoban. Built using Unity for the Lunar Game Jam 2020.

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